We are all on a Relationship path:

Interest/Vetting, Dating, Commitment, Growth or Loss, Healing/Recovery...

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What is the

Fisher Rebuilding Seminar™?

Recovering from divorce or romantic relationship loss can be a traumatic and painful process with emotional challenges. Those wounds don't necessarily heal with time. A person can get “stuck” Growth, evolution and recovery is about incremental change, day by day. Our goal is to provide the support, information, training and community to help heal those wounds, permanently.

Divorce Recovery Classes

The seminar classes break everything down into small steps – with tools, resources, lessons, activities, and engagement to help you heal the wounds so that you can let, move on, and start a new chapter.

Seminar Classes

Be free of the anger, honor the grief, learn how to not repeat the cycle, find yourself again. All with your new friends that are waiting for you in the next upcoming class. You are led by a highly trained facilitator that is an expert in the divorce recovery process.

1-1 Coaching and Counseling

In addition to group Facilitation, you have access to a Licensed Therapist to help you remove the obstacles that are holding you back. Kirk Stone, LPC_IT can schedule individual 1 hour sessions to work with you on specific topics and areas of the Rebuilding process. He is available to guide and support you as you navigate the complicated issues that you are facing.

Next Class Starting

June 1st

Who we help

The wounds of separation are first created when the "D" word is first uttered. It can create an immediate rift in the relationship. If you are heading towards divorce, in the divorce process, or already divorced then we can help you. The circumstances of your breakup are unique, the effects are common.

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You're In Good Hands

Depression, overwhelm, anger, loneliness and rumination can affect practically every aspect of our lives. Successfully dealing with the thoughts and feelings that keeping you "stuck" opens up new possibilities for life. Divorce is a shame based trauma. You need the support and guidance from others. Even your best thinking isn't enough. When you work with us you learn how to shift your thoughts from being the victim to the victor. You will see your anger evaporate and your grief dissipate. You will be able to truly feel happy.

When are you going to make "someday" become "today"?


We’re proud of the group classes and coaching services we’ve provided for all of our clients.

"The course was exceptional. It was the bargain of a lifetime" - Fred

"I wish I had found the class a lot sooner." - Charlene

"I realized the importance of who I am" - Carl

"It changed my life. I now know I can handle anything" - Jamie

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Cathryn

"Now I'm not settling for anything less than pure happiness." - Terish

"I realized that until I really grieved and let it all out that I couldn't move on, and this program helped me do that." - Erin

"I feel joy again for the first time in several years." - Denise

"I couldn't have done it without Relationship Builders" - Peter

"This is the best thing I've ever done." - Sandy

"It's been 10 years since my divorce and I still had a lot of grief." - Rick

"The Rebuilders workshop was a game changer for me." - Rudi

"I really think Rebuilders is unique." - Margaret

"The group experience is absolutely worth its weight in gold." - Karen

"My self esteem was pretty low and this program really helped me." - Jewel

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